MULTI-DISCIPLINARIAN: [visual & audio media production] 
STEERING WHEEL: [an abstract approach for development teams]
PURVEYOR: [art & print media]
FREELANCE: [photographic campaigns & Partnership]
A self-taught photographer, sound engineer by trade (and forever a student), I approach new mediums & technologies with the problem-solving skills of an engineer; and I aim to artistically apply what I learn, abstractly, in the effort to push limitations & explore outside the boundaries.
My variable skills & eclectic knowledge is rooted by a survey-approach to education.  I pragmatically used scholarship awards to advance in courses in computer science, business, psychology, journalism, philosophy, political science, advanced literature, and anthropology.
After moving to Austin, Texas, I operated as an audio tech while a student in commercial music management.  Using this unique exposure to the music industry, I crafted my photography & sound mixing skills with the help of generous musicians that allowed me free creative reign during performances.
As the token "Versatile" in teams, I operate in the "grey areas of the dualities," acting as a conduit between Operations, Engineering, and Production departments in event production & broadcast industries.
Now a mentor & father of a budding photographer, my free time is spent practicing Ashtanga yoga & working on personal art projects ranging in film photography, sculpture, and digital mediums.
Currently, I'm interested in collaborative partnerships / sponsorship with podcast & visual media production teams.