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A self-taught photographer and audio engineer by trade, I offer nuanced ideas and creative-support while serving as the token "Versatile" in creative teams.
My variable skills & eclectic knowledge is rooted in a survey-approach to education and creative studies. Beginning in 1999,  I pragmatically used photojournalism, scholarship & grant awards to advance myself in immersion studies in film photography, philosophy, political science, advanced literature, anthropology, and psychology.
I moved to Austin, Texas in 2002 and was welcomed in by Live Music, LBGTQIA communities, and various night-life cultures--collaborating with local and touring production teams, musicians, and performance artists. 
Combining my interests in anthropology, formal arts, and music, I carved my own position by operating in the "grey areas of the dualities," serving as a conduit between Creative, Operations, Production, and Engineering departments in various industries.
Over the last 20 years, I’ve performed as a consultant, supported, and led operations as a live/recording engineer, photographer, videographer, editor, & content producer.
But I’ve also been doing my best being a human-person with humans.
Most have been great projects, some have been total fails. It happens.
Most of my time is spent being barefoot, cycling, hiking/camping, practicing yoga and meditation, & doing what I can to smash the patriarchy by mentoring “the youths” while being a “dad” that sometimes wears a dress.
This site is documentation of self-studies.
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Currently, I'm interested in collaborative partnerships & sponsorship with conscious brands in music, print, fashion & visual media production teams.
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