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CASE STUDY  Kübler-Ross

“Human” an on-going case study that examines vulnerability and emotional processes by way of referential possibilities of the body based on The Kübler-Ross Model, commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief, a model that was introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying.  .



  In this study, I’ve requested that my subjects explore his/her progression in the grieving process without the use of facial expressions.  In hopes to help "normalize" natural human coping processes, this photographic exploration invites a human connection between audience and each stage of grief or trauma.


studio portraits,  digital

We live in an abundance of sensory pollutions that become sources of human disconnection; the intention of this series is to provide shared experiences of empathy and vulnerability, which are universal and constant among humans, yet easily lost due to technological pollutions.


denial, anger, bargaining, depression, & acceptance

as interpreted by:

Model: David Moxham


Grip Assistant: Robert Bradshaw


Studio graciously provided by: Photogroup ATX


© Michael L Hernandez 2006 - 2014