commercial photography . Michael L Hernandez . Austin, Texas

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The Netted Pigeon (b.1982, Michael L. Hernandez) is an freelance multimedia producer & commercial photographer with a background in photojournalism and is based in Austin, Texas.


My interest in film photography began at the age of 16 while documenting my train-hopping escapades in Texas. After formal courses in film photography in Houston, I photographed for The Houston Chronicle while studying journalism and writing for The San Jacinto Times.  Influenced by the imagery of Weegee, Arbus, and Winogrand, I developed an interest in using photography as social commentary and began wheat-pasting my images in public spaces.


In 2000, I moved to central Texas to study audio & motion picture production and became a multimedia producer. I've toured professionally as a live audio engineer and later based camp in New York City.

While in NYC, I lived & documented life inside the Occupy Wall Street camp as well as a desolate Lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy in between commercial contracts with Estee Lauder, AVEDA, and commercial stylists for Bravo & HGTV networks.

Now, I'm based in Austin, Texas and experimenting with photographic transfers and video production while collaborating in the fashion and music industries.


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